Dr. Maximilian G. Joost

     Maximilian Joost is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Cummins group since spring 2016.
     His current research concerns the chemistry of thermally activated precursors
     for the release of small reactive molecules. 
Max obtained his BSc from the
     University of Heidelberg, Germany and then moved to France where he comple-
     ted his MSc (with Dr. S. Sabo-Etienne and Dr. G. Alcaraz) in 2011 at the University
     Paul Sabatier, Toulouse. He subsequently obtained a PhD (2014), from the same
     university, under the supervision of Dr. D. Bourissou and Dr. A. Amgoune. His
     PhD studies revolved around new aspects of the coordination chemistry of the
     coinage metals. In 2015 he joined the laboratory of Prof. Dr. K. Lammertsma and
     Dr. C. Slootweg (VU Amsterdam) for a post-doctoral stint in Amsterdam before
     coming to Cambridge.


     mjoost [at] mit.edu